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Day to Day Management of our community is carried out by HOA Agent. HOA agent can be reached at (509) 922-2494. You can also submit ACC requests and other requests for information via the HOA Agent portal by clicking here. HOA Agent has been working with the Sandy Ridge HOA since November of 2019. Among many other things, the primary roles and responsibilities of HOA Agent are:

  • Supervising contractor performance of common area mowing, trimming, edging, fertilizer, and weed control
  • Supervising common area Sprinkler blow-out & start up and repairs
  • Increasing Homeowner Covenant Compliance through On-site observation and follow-up
  • Complete bid preparation and supervision for common area care contracting including snow removal services, lawn care maintenance, repairs, and special projects
  • Annual or Monthly billing and collection of the HOA Assessments
  • Supervision of Reserve Study and Reserve Fund growth
  • Live Portal Submission and Tracking
  • Online Payment Gateway for Assessment payments
  • Preparing the HOA 1120 H Tax form for the IRS
  • Maintaining the HOA Non-Profit Corporation status
  • Ensuring that your Board maintains Liability insurance for HOA Activities for the protection of the homeowners and board members