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The snow is here again!

We wanted to take a few moments and wish everyone a delightful upcoming holiday season; and we hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was also filled with wonderful times and memories. As 2021 comes to a close we wanted to bring back a few of our annual community reminders and encourage anyone who is interested in serving on any committees to please reach out to HOA Agent or our board. We also greatly appreciated everyone’s feedback and involvement in our last Annual Owners Meeting where we were able to share some of the accomplishments of the year.

We also wanted to extend our appreciation to the community members who took their time, or allowed for the use of their vehicles for the cleanup last month. The event was a great success as we were able to clean up and reduce the fire fuels that could threaten our community.

1) Please remember that continuous parking on either side of the road is not allowed per our CC&R’s. Temporary parking (like family over for the day or evening) on the side with no sidewalk is allowed. If you must park on the side with the sidewalk, please do not park on the sidewalk itself.
2) As we head into the winter months, please park your vehicles inside your driveway to allow for proper snow removal and deicing services.
3) On the note of snow removal services, if you find any damage to any personal property, please report the damage to HOA Agent/BOD as soon as possible including pictures and details as to the occurrence.
4) Please remember that most external changes to your home must have ACC approval for the change. This includes but is not limited to: sheds, exterior door changes, solar paneling, generator installation, driveway/concrete modifications and more. If you do not know if you need an ACC approval, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and submit for approval.
5) We live in a beautiful area surrounded by wildlife, as such, please understand that wild animals may walk our streets; keep in mind coyotes love turkey just as much as we do (if they can catch them!) – and we should be cognizant of our animals when they go outside.

As always, should anyone have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the Contact Page.