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Please fill out the Architectural Control Proposal Form. ACC Requests can be managed, submitted and reviewed at the HOA Agent portal. Requests without the form fully completed and signed will be marked as incomplete and immediately denied.

Please be advised that the majority of any exterior changes to your home must have ACC approval. This includes but is not limited to: landscaping, landscaping modifications, exterior facing doors, exterior paint, trim or siding colors, fencing (removal or addition), placement of buildings such as sheds, and solar paneling.

Should you have any questions if an item requires an ACC approval, please contact HOA Agent or the Board of Directors to help clarify. Obtaining an approval for a change protects the homeowner from any future questions or liability.

CC&R Guidelines

Please refer to Article 4, section 4.9 in our CC&R’s for full language.

  • Timelines
    • Front Yards shall be completed within six (6) months of completion of construction.
    • Back Yards shall be completed within twenty-four (24) months of completion of construction.
    • If home is resale and landscaping was not completed, timelines reset for new homeowner.

Minimum Landscaping Requirements for Back Yards

The Board has set the following minimum landscaping guidelines for parts of lots that are very sloped and have limited options for “regular” landscaping, to clarify how those lots need to conform to Section 4.9 – Yard Landscaping, in the Sandy Ridge CC&Rs.

A minimum of field grass, or other such vegetation, must be planted to replace the presence of noxious weeds and other undesirable vegetation. This vegetation must be maintained at a height no higher than 18” and be properly watered and fertilized to minimize weeds and promote healthy vegetation.

Other plans will be considered, including retaining walls, terraces and other landscape plans, but this is the minimum that would be considered.

A landscaping plan must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee, along with the placement of approved edging, appropriate rock or other materials for planting beds, and sod or approved seeding for lawns prior to starting your landscaping.

Homeowners have 6 months to landscape the front and side yards, and 2 years to complete the back yard. Within the first 2 years, the homeowner must maintain and cut down the weeds to a maximum height of 18” on a slope, and a normal landscaped grass height on flat parts of the lot.